What is Red Gryphon Tavern

Red Gryphon Tavern was born from a love of food and life.

The thought of food brings a lot of things to mind for people. Some see it as quieting the primal urge to survive, some as an addiction, while others see food as an opportunity to venture down a road less traveled. I mulled over a lot of these thoughts and several more when thinking about how to share my passion for food and the whole scope that surrounds it. The conclusion is that food is all these and more.

The idea behind Red Gryphon Tavern is to create a place that places you on the long road, a community of travelers, all coming from different paths to a place that feels like a warm fire, a good drink, and conversation with friends – a place of both relaxation and discovery. We want to introduce you to new ways of creating and enjoying a meal, sometimes pairing with a good beer, a glass of wine, or even a good cup of tea. Food evokes memories and opportunities. It is the beginning of journeys down roads we’d never thought to travel; some simple, some complex. We want you to take what we offer here to savor it, reminisce about great times with friends & family, create new ones and discover eating, with a craving to take a step down your path unknown.

Let’s start this friendship with a special gift. Sign up to receive our weekly update of new recipes and culinary tips. As a special thank you for joining you will receive one of our favorites: Fireball Whiskey BBQ Sauce. This sauce tastes great on those fall-off-the-bone ribs we just smoked!

Come make memories with us and spread the word! Food is always better with good friends and family.

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