Kitchen Experiments Gone Wrong and the GoWise Air Fryer

Do you ever have those days that you get into the kitchen and nothing seems to go right? It’s almost like there’s a gremlin or some little beastie floating around trying to muck up whatever you’re trying to cook. The last pics that I tossed up to social media promised a couple of good, messy burgers. They were good to eat but as far as cooperating for pics, plating, and all the window dressing – they weren’t having it. The sear in the pan was nice but within a few minutes and the first flip, they started coming apart. I had tried a couple of new ways to bind the ingredients but its back to the drawing board.

Like Father Like Son

I can say for a good laugh though, my experimenting was nothing like that of my son’s designs on corndogs. He comes up with some interesting creations from time to time. The other day we asked him to help out and just put a few in the oven for his sisters, a friend, and him before they headed off to an after-school event. Well, he thought to slather them in peanut butter before cooking. Needless to say, he won’t be earning a Michelin star for that concoction – no one would touch them except him. He actually ate two of them out of spite from the rejection and retching thrown his way. That being said, we had a long talk about what pairings worked and how far to venture out on the limb of creativity when bringing food together. We’ll always encourage our kids to explore boundaries in the kitchen but there’s some that just shouldn’t be crossed.

GoWise Air Fryer

As an alternative to bringing a dish this time around, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful gift that I received from my wife a few weeks ago. We recently celebrated our 15th anniversary and she surprised me with a GoWise Air Fryer. It wasn’t the traditional crystal or modern glass gift that is typically dictated by the conventions of celebration hallmarks such as these, it was a lot better.

As a whole today, people tend to focus on lighter cooking but we still crave the crispy, crunchy texture that comes from fried foods. True, you can get some crunch from baking but fried food is definitely part of the “alternative” food group. Where I can remember both my mom and grandmother using several cups of oil to fry chicken, this will make it happen with 3 tablespoons!

When we go out to restaurants, I notice people starting their meals off with a deep-fried onion blossom. I know the amazing taste that comes from dipping those petals into a spicy sauce is ooh so good. However, the heart attack is right around the corner. Having worked in a kitchen and made a few of those blossoms over the years, I can tell you your cravings are getting you an extra 2000+ calories and over 200 grams of fat – enough to take a pause before you bite into one on your next outing. The trick is finding alternatives without the repercussions to the waist line. GoWise Air Fryer has a great set of PDF recipe books on their site that cover a wide range of meals from their blooming onion, an egg & prosciutto stuffed Portobello cap and a tasty Apple Empanada recipe. We’ve been really impressed so far and will keep bringing you updates as we try next and exciting dishes and ideas.

GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer, Black, 3.7 QT, 1400W + Recipe BookGoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer, Black, 3.7 QT, 1400W + Recipe Book

We used this GoWise Air Fryer to make some semi-homemade tortilla chips to go with our Tequila Lime Chicken. Super simple! Take your favorite corn tortillas (a kitchen staple in our home), cut them in wedges, toss a few with 3 TBSP of oil into the fryer, and set to the fry setting. Play around until you find the perfect time/oil/tortillas for you. Experimenting (sans corndogs and peanutbutter) is half the fun in the kitchen.

In addition to our semi-tortilla chips we’ve tried the following recipes and have really enjoyed them:

Once we become more familiar with this new form of frying we will be sharing some of our own recipes. What are your favorite fried foods?

Happy Eating!

Before you go we would love to hear about some of your crazy kitchen experiments in the comments.